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Hey, if you've got it then why not flaunt it at the beach and by the pool this summer with a sexy thong swimsuit for men! The thong style offers varying amounts of material at both the front and back of the swim thong allowing for great sunbathing with minimal tan lines. For backyard tanning you may even choose to opt for a strapless thong if you're feeling really daring. You've got to be really comfortable with your body to strut your stuff in men's thong swimwear but if you've got the physique for it, then why not show off! Swimsuit thongs for guys can be bought online from the following retailers.

Sexy Thong Swimwear For Guys

How To Look Good In Men's Thong Swimwear

1. Have you got the body to pull this off? A thong is one sexy piece of swimwear which leaves little to the imagination. If you're overweight or not packing a lot of heat down there then perhaps a thong isn't your best choice.

2. Personal grooming is a MUST if you are going to wear a guys thong! You'll need to wax to avoid those hairy bits poking out the sides. The somewhat 'personal' Brazilian wax is the best bet here but a bikini wax should also suffice.

3. Be aware you're probably going to be exposing bits of your body which tend not to get a lot of exposure at other times of the year. Use lots of sun tan lotion on areas like your butt cheeks to avoid an embarrasing sunburn. That burnt bright red 'baboons bum' look isn't going to attract any mates in your species.


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